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Feb 09, 2016

Gosiba Acid

I would like information on using Gosiba on an argentium & 22k gold piece. I want the argentium black and keep the gold bright and looking like 22k!

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Jan 31, 2016

Wire Jewelry Class Schedule

Check out my latest wire and metal jewelry class schedule and be part of a fun jewelry making class or workshop.

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Jan 31, 2016

Metal Garden Bracelet Workshop

Create a unique mixed metal bracelet in this fun Metal Garden Bracelet workshop.

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Jan 22, 2016


Ok I've done my polishing using the barrel, I loved the outcome but I have this problem is like the firescale on the hole with jumpring attached.Hope I

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Dec 09, 2015

removing permalac from copper

What is the best way to remove permalac EF from copper? I want to re-do the finish. Thanks! Stacy's Answer: Hi Louise! To remove Permalac lacquer (ER

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Dec 02, 2015

Matte sealent for jewelry with a patina

I make jewelry and apply patina often, but when I apply a protectant seal it is shiny and ruins the old look. Is there a top coat, a protective sealent

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Nov 18, 2015

Gold filled wire

Hi, I've just started working with gold filled wire. I want to make ball head pins. The wire balled but the copper shows through. Can anybody tell me

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Nov 18, 2015

How Long Does Liver of Sulfur Gel Last?

About what is the life of Liver of Sulfur Gel? Stacy's Answer: Hi Marilyn! The stabilized liver-of-sulfur gel usually lasts for quite a while. I can't

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Nov 13, 2015

Aging/oxidizing silver platters

Without being able to dip large silver (plate) platters and serving pieces, what would be the best way to us LOS to oxidize them and make them appear vintage?

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Nov 02, 2015

920 powder burnishing compound

How do I dispose of the 920 burnishing compound after it's been used up in tumbler? Can I pour down kitchen sink? Stacy's Answer: Hi Annette! Here'S

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