Liver of Sulfa peeled off in spots

by Joanne
(New York)

Hello all. I made a sterling silver textured cuff bracelet. When I went to create a patina, i followed the directions on the Gel X liver of sulfer. Upon completion, I took the cuff out of the hot solution. I found that the patina did not adhere to some spots on the cuff . I didn't clear or prepare the cuff in anyway before the patina. Should I have? Thanks Joanne

Stacy's Answer:

Yes. The metal must be clean for best results. If there are any impurities such as oils, waxes or even torch residue crud not removed from pickling, the liver-of-sulfur (LOS) patina won't take or at least not evenly. Brass brushing with a super soft brass brush, hot water and Dawn or another dish soap, then rinsing, works great to get the metal clean. Also, the Gel instructions recommend much more of the gel than is necessary. I've found that 1/3 teaspoon per one cup of very hot water for black and grey tones works very well.

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Apr 02, 2016
Liver of Sulfa NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your suggestions and guidance Stacy. I'll try them out on my next attempt and get back to you. I so apprecite the opportunity to have this dialogue. Also thanks for the great tutorials which are very thorough.

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