Will LOS Patina on ring turn finger black?

by John Coonradt jr.
(Clifton Park, New York, United States)

Will my finger turn black from the liver of sulfur Patina on a coin ring? If so how can I stop this an still keep the patina?
Thanks! John

Stacy's Answer:

The liver-of-sulfur (LOS) patina should't turn your finger black John, as long as you've properly cleaned the metal after applying the patina. After applying a liver-of-sulfur patina to silver, tumble-polish the item and follow up with a jewelry polishing cloth or similar polishing wheel applied with a flex-shaft for a beautiful finish. Sterling silver when worn frequently, develops a beautiful patina over time without the use of LOS.

While the LOS might not leave a mark on your finger, copper or the copper in Sterling silver and even low-karat gold might. It's easy to simply wash the mark off with hand-soap/water when you remove the ring. As hands are frequently washed and exposed to soaps, perfumes, lotions, cleaning stuff, etc. and they can perspire, applying a lacquer coating to ring is not recommended.

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Nov 03, 2016
Interested in this NEW
by: Anonymous

I've not seen an answer to your question, but would love to know, too! I just read on another web page that several coats of Renaissance Wax is a good solution to the problem. It also said never to use clear coat spray or clear nail lacquer as they will both eventually crack and start peeling off, making the item look cheap.

Jun 08, 2016
Ring around my neck! NEW
by: Lana

I made a copper wire necklace and used LOS on it to get an awesome black patina and washed it aND buffed it wit a cloth. It was gorgeous! I wore the necklace and IT TURNED MY NECK BLACK! I plan on making these to sale but I can't sale them if they're gonna do that! What can I do?

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