Why does my Raytech Tumbler not polish my pieces?

by Marjie
(San Jose, Ca)

I am using a Raytech tumbler with Dri-shine III media but it does not polish my Silver pieces. They look exactly the same as when they went in. I have a friend who gets great results with a different tumbler (she uses shot). I can't use shot in mine - does this mean I have to buy a different tumbler?

Stacy's Answer:

Hi Marjie!

I believe you've answered your own question. Dry-shine III is a pulverized corncob blended with red rouge and is best used in a vibratory-style tumbler. (I'm assuming yours is) The process takes longer than a rotary tumbler using Stainless steel shot, often requiring up to 14-20 hours of "tumbling" time to produce a shiny finish on the metal. Perhaps you're not tumbling long enough? However, if the tumbler you're using can't get the job done, it sounds like a new tumbler is in your future.

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