Water Turning Grey

My tumbler was working really well until I put in some beads with fine silver on them - the water came out a dark grey colour and the shot is dull and greasy. But it still seems to be polishing ok - any ideas on how to clean it up?

Stacy's Answer:

Hi Jessica, The type of silver you use will not make a difference in the color of your water or how it affects your tumbling medium. I suggest reading my article on tumble polishing.

I have no idea why your shot would be greasy. Sounds like you introduced a contaminant. Fine or Sterling silver is not going to cause this. You would have had to add an oily or greasy substance or, perhaps, something waxy that appears greasy in order for it to affect your shot that way. But, no problem. Just wash your shot using hot water and a liquid dish soap such as Dawn®. Also, wash the inside of your barrel. You should be good to go!

FYI...Your water will discolor as the dish soap holds the impurities that the shot is removing from the metal being tumbled. This is explained in more detail in my article. So...clean your shot, clean your barrel and all should be well.

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Nov 17, 2009
thank you
by: Anonymous

thank you very much indeed for your help. I have now cleaned with washing up liquid and it's back to perfect!

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