Using and Disposing of Midas Green Patina and Copper Oxidizer

I am working with copper and brass patinas for the first time, and wondering if you have tips on the use and/or disposal of either of these products, or if you can offer safer alternatives?
Thanks kindly,

Stacy's Answer:

Hi Brooke!

For proper chemical disposal, I recommend that you check with the EPA for local rules and regulations regarding the treatment and disposal of them. The requirements of your local agencies differ from state-to-state and county-to-county. Many patinas can be safely poured down the drain or poured on your shrubs outside. Others poured onto sawdust and put into the trash and still others require meticulously followed instructions for safe disposal to protect both humans, animals and the environment.

Liver-of-sulfur will go totally inert within a few hours if you let it sit in the sun or on a counter. You can tell because it is whitish/grey in color rather than yellowy and no longer smells. Even so, it does not harm septic systems, etc. and can go right down the drain.

Better safe than sorry, so please check with your local hazardous material agencies.

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