tumbling genuine tuquoise

by Vicki
(N.J. UnitedStates)

Is it safe to tumble rough turquoise? If so what kind of grit do i use, and how long will it take? if not, what is a safe way to polish and shine them?

Stacy's Answer:

I don't finish rough material Vickie - I buy it all polished and ready-to-use. :-) This isn't the right venue for your question. I would ask on a site for rock hounds and cabbers that have a lot of experience with tumble-polishing stone, including turquoise. They can best guide you in the technique and products used to give you the best results. Thanks for checking here though! Looks like some lovely turquoise material!

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Sep 30, 2012
Tumbler info
by: David

Try this blog, but be careful about the information you get I have found that 80% of information you get from blogs is incorrect people tend to give options in lieu of facts. http://rocktumbler.com/blog/

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