Tumbling Argentium Wire Chains

What would the correct work sequence be when working with Argentium Silver chains?

Tumble first then place in oven to improve tarnish resistance OR

oven first then tumble?


Stacy's Answer:

As baking raises the Germanium alloy to the surface to provide the high tarnish resistance the metal is so loved for, I would bake last. Use a clear Pyrex dish plate and bake for 10-15 minutes in a 250°F Make sure all surfaces are clean! You may use a polishing cloth or silver polish to give the metal it's final polish.

The baking at this low temp should not cause any darkening of the metal. It is OK to polish the metal after you've done this without damaging the Germanium layer on the surface. Goddard's silver polish seems to be the polish of choice for Argentium.

So...tumble, bake, hand polish if necessary.

I've only just started working with this wonderful metal and I'm by no means an expert on it. Cynthia Eid has an excellent article on Argentium use for jewelry. http://www.yourriogrande.com/downloads/applications/DocumentLibraryManager/upload/ArgentiumSterlingSilver.pdf She's an expert!

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