Tumbling 16g Byzantine Chain

I've made byzantine-weave bracelets from sterling 16g jump rings. Can I safely tumble the bracelet to add shine? (The rings were previously tumbled but after working on them, they could use a little lift.) Similarly, can I tumble 20g Byzantine bracelets without harming them?


Stacy's Answer:

The bracelets should tumble beautifully! Just make sure that there are no "hangers-on" - those pesky nail-like pieces of the shot that like to poke into openings in wire and chainmaille jewelry. :-)

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Dec 29, 2012
Tumble polish Byzantine 16ga bracelet
by: Pat

I do this regularly with great results. My bracelets include Swarovski cubes as well. No harm done and the entire item looks shiny and terrific. I use stainless steel shot with a couple drops of Dawn in my vibrating tumbler.

Apr 24, 2013
Do you add water to the vibrating tumblers?
by: Anonymous


2 questions:

1st, do you use water in a vibrating tumbler

2nd Where can I get stainless steel shot.

I got the steel shot and it basically ruined the drum of my rotary tumbler.

Apr 24, 2013
Tumbling 16ga Byzantine Chain
by: Pat

1- yes, I use water in my vibrating tumbler. I fill it almost to the top of the pile of shot and chain, then add the drops of Dawn.

2- if you have a jewelry supply/lapidary shop near you, ask them; otherwise check out riogrande.com, a very good supply house

3- my tumbler drum is thick rubber and doesn't even have a dent

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