Tumbler barrel Not Turning

by Neena Shilvock
(Nuneaton, UK)

I have a new tumbler - have filled the barrel as per instructions - but it refuses to turn - help.

Stacy's Answer: This could be any of several issues. Possibly, the belt is broken or missing, or the barrel may not be properly attached to the piece it rotates on. The motor could be bad. You need to contact the manufacturer.

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Mar 20, 2012
Tumbler not turning

I had the same problem and I took off the cover on the belt and now it tumbles. I guess it was stopping the belt from going around.

Aug 24, 2013
Solution for Tumbler Not Rotating
by: Carrie

I had a brand-new tumbler with the same problem. I moved the belt that turns the rotating rods around slightly and then it rotated. The belt was simply out of place slightly.

Sep 01, 2015
Belt issue
by: Nichole

After not using my Lortone tumbler for about 3 years, I took it out yesterday and the barrel would not turn very much (very slowly/intermittantly before it came to a stop), despite the drive shaft seeming to spin normally. I read an article stating that is likely due to a loose belt. However, my husband simply wrapped four wide rubber bands around the barrel, causing a little "grip" between the barrel and the drive shaft. Not sure if I need to replace the barrel or the belt, but this jerry-rigged solution is working well for now!

Sep 02, 2015
Home Made Solution
by: Stacy

Clever Nichole! Your temporary fix may work for a while, but the belt is probably the culprit and in need of replacing. When the rubber barrels get wet, sudsy or oily, they do not rotate well on the roller bars even though the rollers are spinning and the belt is OK.

If everything is dry and the barrel rotates erratically, very slowly or stops, you've probably got a belt that is stretched and only sort-a functioning. A stretched belt will spin the roller bars "normally" but once some resistance is added, you've got problems. When a belt breaks, the motor runs, but there's nothing to drive the roller bars.

Home remedies are great and I've been there a few times myself. In a pinch, large rubber-bands like those found on broccoli, etc. in the produce section of a supermarket, will work for a few hours to a few days as replacement "belts" until you can get a belt delivered. Your husband's fix may work for a while, but have that replacement belt ready-to-go just in case. Your barrel is probably just fine, but then who knows? If not but a few rubber bands keep it working well, you might get away with that for years!

Thanks for sharing a neat little trick!

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