To Seal or not to Seal?

by Gloria
(Sydney, Australia)

Hi Stacy, I have used Permalac™ sealer on a few copper necklaces I have made and then oxidised, with mixed success. Occasionally, the sealer has left a cloudy or dull finish. Just wondering what I'm doing wrong? Do you think it's better not to seal at all? Thanks, Gloria.

Stacy's Answer:

Hi Gloria! In some instances, for example on hot and humid days, the fast drying Permalac™ or other clear enamel seal lacquers can trap moisture beneath the seal. This trapped moisture will manifest itself as a “cloudy” coating. In order to prevent it, either treat your metal on less humid days or help the drying process with the heat from a blow dryer. Blow drying the finish will speed up the drying time (making it less susceptible to humidity) and also remove some of the moisture from the air.

There are some thinners on the market that can be added to the Permalac™ that make it less susceptible to humidity. Check with your Permalac™ retailers for details on thinners.

Gloria, I still think that sealing is a good idea when you want to preserve the patina or finish you've put on your copper. I usually give my customers a choice to seal it or leave it unsealed.

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