sterling turns coppery

My sterling begins to look coppery if I tumble it for 20 or 30 minutes...and doesn't get polished no matter how long it runs. What am I doing wrong?

Stacy's Answer:

There could any number reasons why you're getting the results that you are. There are so many variables: type of tumbler you're using, the dish soap, water quality, the tumbling medium (i.e. stainless steel shot, walnut shells, etc.) If you're able to provide more specifics then I might have a better idea of what might be going on and how to remedy it.

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May 27, 2013
Sulphur in the rubber barrel

Its the sulphur in the rubber barrel every time, every time!!!

Aug 02, 2013
Silver turned coppery
by: Anonymous

I had that to happen reccently, I have been tumbling for years and never had that problem. I am wondering what caused it. I have a vibratory tumbler, use stainless shot and a tumbling compound. Because I am looking for a high shine, I let it run for 6 - 8 hours for 2 - 3 days consecutively.

Can the copper color be reversed???

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