Sealant and Silver

Do you ever use a protective finish on silver? I have read arguments online against sealing silver, but is it really as bad an idea for tarnish prevention? Should sealing silver be avoided completely?

Stacy's Answer:

Personally, I don't care for a protective finish or coating on my silver; hence, I don't use one. However, that's a personal choice. I think if you asked around you'd find the majority of artists do not put a protective finish on silver. There are exceptions when delicate patinas are involved. For an easy care, bright-silver finish that is tarnish resistant, try using Argentium silver. You can get lots of great information about this silver alloy at the Argentium website:

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Dec 20, 2011
Working with silver wire
by: Andy Turner

Hi, I work with Sterling silver wire to create handcrafted wire personalized name necklaces, all I do is supply a silver cloth with the name when I sell one, I think that is all that is really necessary.

I tried silver dip once, but it seems to turn the wire a brown type color so I stopped using that !

Cheers, Andy

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