Rotary tumbler eats belts

by Warren
(Bali, Indonesia)

Hi, we live in Bali and tumble alot of small bits and pieces for our jewelry.

We just bought a new Chinese(kyngty jewelry Machine) rotary tumbler and are very careful about how much weight we put in. In the first run overnight it ate the belt which is reinforced with embedded string and has teeth.

Any ideas on how to extend the life of the belts past a day or so?

Thanks, Warren

Stacy's Answer:

Hi Warren, This sounds like a manufacturer issue. Rubber comes in different qualities. A good quality rubber should last for years or at least many months, depending upon the demands on it, In your case, it sounds like there may be an issue with rough metal parts coming in contact with the belt and destroying it. This is just a guess, but I recommend you contact your tumbler manufacturer for a solution. Good luck!

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