I left my silver chain in the solution too long, how can I reverse it?
Thanks, Geri

Stacy's Answer:

What solution Geri? Liver-of-sulfur? For LOS, you can dip the chain into a product such as Tarnex which will remove ALL of the patina. But it also leaves the metal with an unattractive finish. So, you must then re-polish the chain and add a patina again.

To avoid getting a black chain, use a super hot solution of LOS and dip the chain into it for just a few seconds. This should give you a grey chain. Scrub off the excess patina using 4/0 steel wool or a 3M scrubbie pad. Tumble polish the chain to polish and remove additional excess LOS. If it's still too dark, scrub some more and re-tumble. When the LOS solution is not hot enough, silver turns yellowy - bluh - which leads to leaving it in the solution for too long which turns the chain black-ish and not a soft grey. I then give the chain a good rubbing using a jewelry polishing cloth to create a beautiful high-polish luster. If you are wanting a matte-finish, rub with 4/0 steel wool or a fine 3M scrubbie pad. These are available in home improvement stores in the paint department.

OK.....although you may know this, someone out there reading this thread may not. BEFORE tumbling chain, wrap it in loops about one-inch in diameter and secure with a plastic twisty-tie or a piece of copper wire. This way, the can get the benefits of tumbling without becoming a permanently tangled mess! Just say'n.

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