Protection for copper necklaces

by Mackenzie
(Asheville NC)

these are the necklaces that i need the protective spray for

these are the necklaces that i need the protective spray for

I read your tips about Liver of Sulfur and thought they were very helpful and i looked up Permalac sealant to protect the copper is this also ok to use on necklaces because i have been using a lacquer spray that I am not happy with. Will the Permalac sealant give me a smooth coating that is also very wearable?

Stacy's Answer:

Thanks for your question, Mackenzie. Permalac EF (environmentally friendly) forms a very durable surface and is resistant to water, sweat, oils, etc. It is available in either a matte or satin (shiny) finish. Also comes in either a spray or dip-on. I don't see any reason why it would not work nicely on your necklaces. However, some caution is warranted.

The product must be used in a very well-ventilated area. I prefer to dip or brush it where I want it. If any moisture is in the air, the product will dry with a cloudy or milky appearance, which makes using the spray form a little iffy, especially if you live in a humid climate.

When the product is new it goes on smoothly, but as it ages it evaporates somewhat and thickens, making it more difficult to apply and easier to get air bubbles. To get the best results, use a blow dryer on a hot setting to initially set the Permalac to prevent any cloudiness. Do not stir or shake the product to avoid bubbles transferring themselves to your jewelry.

With a little practice, this product will give you great long-term results. In your case, it may be better to separate your links if you can, then dip them and reassemble them after they dry.

Another word of caution: When applying protective lacquer coatings to items with a color patina on them, the patina can contaminate your lacquer, turning items green or blue that you may not want that color! To avoid this, put a small amount of the lacquer into a sealable plastic container and label it for that color of patina. This keeps the main supply of your lacquer free from the patina agents. Liver-of-sulfur patina has no adverse effect on the lacquer in your container and will not transfer to anything else.

Permalac does help to reduce the maintenance of your jewelry. You won't have to polish it and it seals copper and any finish that's on it.

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