Polishing Stainless Steel Jewellery

by DT

Hi I work with wire and crystal and some semi-precious stones (but mainly with glass and crystal beads). The metal wires I use mainly is stainless steel, and while working with it it is not nicked as copper would be, but it IS duller than silver metal. How do I polish it up?


Stacy's Answer:

Hi DT!

I haven't ever worked with Stainless steel as a jewelry medium. However, I DO have stainless steel items in my home that require polishing. I've found that warm water with just a drop of regular dish soap and a soft cloth work well for cleaning the items. I rinse with clean water and finish up hand-buffing with a polishing cloth for stainless steel to help keep the metal shiny. Whether or not that's the best technique for stainless steel jewelry, I can't say.

I know that steel and stainless steel are becoming increasingly popular metals for jewelry-making. If there are readers out there who make stainless steel and/or the softer steel jewelry and have some care tips, we would appreciate it!

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