patina wears off quickly on jewelry

by m moreno

I bought copper rings and the patina was off in less than a week. I bought a bracelet (expensive) a couple of days ago and the green patina is already wearing off. I spoke with the jeweler who told me I could replace the green patina myself. What product would be best?

Stacy's Answer:

Copper oxidizes very quickly and things like body chemistry, humidity, etc. have a marked effect copper. I have a high acidity level and because of that, I can't wear copper jewelry without it quickly developing a different patina from what I first put on. Protective coatings on the copper do help prevent that. But there are many products used to seal and/or add a patina to copper, some easier to use than others.

I would never expect a non-jewelry person to reapply a patina or protective coating to something I sold them. I suggest that you get back in touch with the jeweler that sold you the piece(s) and ask what they recommend or if they offer that service. Also request the application of a sealant so that you do not have to continuously re-patina their jewelry. Many jewelers apply a protective coating to the items that quickly oxidize or at least offer to do so. Depending upon the price of the jewelry in question, this service may be at an additional charge.

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Oct 30, 2014
Protecting patinas
by: Timmi D

I always seal my small pieces or pieces and flat pieces with a sealant. My question is can I seal a copper cuff with an acrylic sealant? People often tighten the cuff after they put it on and I wonder if the sealant would crack. I have been thinking of trying Clear Guard or Permalac. I have been etching cuffs for a consignment order and would like to maintain the color and shine.

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