Oxidizing Silver with an Egg

I had a custom oxidized sterling silver ring made and the finish is pretty much gone. The jeweler told me I could re-oxidize the ring with a hard boiled egg. Well, I did this, but the color just rubs off when I pick it up. Do you have any suggestions? I would like it as black as possible. Thank you.

Stacy's Answer:

My first thought would be to return it to the jeweler, if possible, to re-oxidize it. If not, then your best bet is a product called Liver-of-sulfur (LOS). Using a hard boiled egg to oxidize silver really does not work very well. LOS is not difficult to use and you'll find lots of info on how to use it right here in my "Q&A" and "Tips & Techniques" sections. I sell the product in my e-store.

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