How Long Does Liver of Sulfur Gel Last?

by Marilyn Davenport
(Sevierville, Tennessee)

About what is the life of Liver of Sulfur Gel?

Stacy's Answer:

Hi Marilyn!

The stabilized liver-of-sulfur gel usually lasts for quite a while. I can't say exactly how long. I store it in my air-conditioned studio and it is not exposed to strong sunlight. I'm not as careful with it as I was with the nuggets as those also lasted 3-5 years or so as long as no moisture got to them. If it did, within a week or two, the stuff was toast. If it no longer smells, it no longer works.

I don't know if storing the product tightly sealed, (the lid screwed on snugly) away from sunlight and using a clean, dry-ish plastic utensil to remove a dab when I need it makes a difference in how long the product lasts, because I usually use mine up before it has had a chance to age much. But, I've had it last more than 2 years after opening and I used that up, it did not go bad. So who knows how long it might have lasted?

The LOS gel is now available in 1oz, 2oz and 4 oz sizes. If you very rarely use it, I would buy the smaller sizes so you use it up and simply buy more as needed. Nothing worse than wanting to oxidize something and discovering your patina agent has gone inert! Waiting for a new one seems to take forever!

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