Heavy Dark Patina

by Carolyn

I want to buy patina gel from COOL TOOLS but will this product heavily darken silver for a "Dark-Dark" patina on silver.

Stacy's Answer:

Hi Carolyn! I'm not sure what exactly it is that Cool Tools is selling, but your question would best be put to them. I use Liver-of-Sulfur (LOS) to obtain a rich, dark patina and I prefer it in the nugget form as the unused portions seem to last the longest. With dissolving a pea-sized nugget of LOS in hot water, I can control the patina by the strength of my solution, the temperature of it and the metal I'm oxidizing.

I can also add different agents/chemicals to my LOS for different results. I'm not sure if this is possible with the new gel. Its shelf life is supposed to be really good and it's reputed to be better on the olfactory senses as well.

I've heard that the new LOS gel works well, but I have not tried it. Sorry, but I can't advise you on this.

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