Green Patina on Silver

by Aderyn
(Bristol, England)

Is it possible to put a green patina on silver. If so, what would I use?

Stacy's Answer:

Hi Aderyn!

I'm not aware of an actual patina for turning silver green in color. Perhaps one of the readers of this blog is. (please feel free to share the technique!) However, there are solvent base dye colors and water base dye oxide patina colors available in a wide range of hues for altering the color of silver and other metals. Solvent dyes are used directly on any metal. They may be used to duplicate a patina or apply over a patina to alter or enhance the color. Like to product below, they are coatings, sort of like a paint - not true patinas.

There is also a product called Universal Patina Solutions. It's easy to find on the Internet. It comes in a wide range of colors and may be used on all metals. It is also a coating and not a true patina.

Universal Patinas are non-reactive, UV safe and do not contain acids. They adhere best to warm metal (180-200°F) but may also be applied to cold metal. The Universal Patinas bind on to the metal surface, they do not react. The color of these patinas will remain the same; they will not change as with an acid patina.

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