file marks on jewelry pieces

by Manzoor
(Lahore Pakistan)

How do I remove file marks and pits from jewelry pieces?

Stacy's Answer:

Hi Manzoor!

File marks and other surface blemishes on non-ferrous metal jewelry can be removed or lessened by filing with a finer cut file after you've use a coarser cut and then sanding the surface using finer and finer grits of sandpaper.

Once the pitting and filing marks are no longer visible or barely visible, buffing on a polishing machine by first using a polishing medium with a bit of a cut like Tripoli or White Diamond, then finishing up with Zam or a polishing rouge should produce a lustrous finish.

If your finished metal pieces contain a lot of porosity, you may wish to examine the casting or fabrication techniques you're using and troubleshoot from there.

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