double duty for tumbler?

by Cornelia
(Harbour Island, Bahamas)

I would like to ask if you think I can use my brand-new Lortone 3a for metal finishing AND sea glass polishing (diffferent fillings of course..) Or will I never get the sand out of the barrel and ruining therefor my jewelry forever? I live on a small island in the Bahamas and getting a 2d barrel anytime soon is unlikely...thanks for your help and expertise, Cornelia

Stacy's Answer:

Hi Cornelia!

Some folks "age" glass like borocilicate lampwork and "beach" glass by tumbling with large (1/4 inch) stainless steel shot instead of etching. If doing that, then yes, by all means use the same barrel.

Ideally, I would recommend using a different barrel for the metal tumbling. Some of the rock polishing/texture mediums can get embedded into the rubber which can then find themselves re-deposited later - scratching your metal items. Since it sounds like you are unable to use different barrels at this time, be sure to clean the barrel thoroughly after each use and before adding jewelry items.

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