Does liver of sulfer make the metal stink afterwards?

I have never used liver of sulfur before but I understand that it stinks like (duh, sulfur) similar to stink bombs from grade school. I am wondering if the metal will have any sulfuric odors (even slightly) after using the liver of sulfur on it. (I am making a ring for someone and even the slightest odor would be a deal breaker)

Thanks :)

Stacy's Answer:

While the solution is rather odoriferous while being used to add a patina to the metal, once you rinse it away, so too goes the bad smell.

After using LOS, I wash the items with dish soap and water and then usually tumble-polish them, removing all traces of any sulfur smell. (which by-the-way is gone as soon as you rinse/wash the item) So make your ring project and oxidize it with confidence!

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