could be use it for cupper with stones jewelery?

by rosho


If I have jewelery made of copper with semiprecious stones or crystals can I use the tumbler without affecting or beining harmful for stones?

Also I want to know for how long the jewelery will stay shining.

Thank you

Stacy's Answer:

Greetings to you in Egypt Rosho!

I've had good success tumbling gemstones and Swarovski crystals, including A/B style in the tumbler using Stainless steel shot/water and dish-soap, as long as those items are NOT soft or porous like pearls, bone, many turquoises, wood and dyed items. Many "gem" materials are dyed to enhance their look.

To check for dyed items, soak stones in warm, sudsy water first or test tumble a sample before tumbling a finished piece of jewelry. Many coated items will lose their coating in the tumbler as well. If in doubt, test them! Remember also to tumble like with like - no lightweight earrings with heavy bangles, etc.

As to how long the shine will last? With copper that's not easily answered. Copper oxidizes quickly, earning it the unflattering nickname of "dirty metal". Many factors affect oxidation like perspiration, skin acidity, (body chemistry) air humidity, location...are you near salt water? Humid, salty air oxidizes metal more quickly than drier climes. Also, storing polished silver and copper in zip-top plastic bags helps to retard tarnishing/oxidation .

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