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I have a nice shiny length of copper 10' x 3'. I am using it as inlays in my kitchen cabinets. I want to patina this copper with liver of sulfer. Can I pick up this chemical locally (i.e. Walgreens, etc.)? Can I brush this on the copper or would u suggest i drip it on?

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Stacy's Answer:

Hi Michael!

How beautiful the copper inlay will be! Liver-of-sulfur must be purchased from a jewelry supply company. Rio Grande Jewelry Supply carries the LOS. Their prices are good and they have awesome customer service. I prefer the nugget form - but if you're going to be needing a large quantity of it, they carry a liquid that comes in one gallon containers. It's concentrated, so you just add water. While it works very well, its shelf life is not great. There is also a new gel form (really not a gel, but more of a liquid) that is supposed to have a better shelf life.

Brushing on works just fine, or depending upon the size of the finished sheets, you could put the liquid LOS in a shallow container and immerse the copper sheet. Both ways work well. Sounds like a very cool project!

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Jan 18, 2010
thank you
by: michael

Thank You for your prompt reply.I have ordered LOS from your recommended supplier.I will post some pics when i am finished if I can figure it out!!!!

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