Copper Earwires

by Suze

Hi Stacy, I have seen some copper wires and was wondering how safe they are to wear? I know copper has some therapeutic benefits for joints. Can you coat them with the Permalac™ or a clear lacquer?

I love your ficus leave bracelet. It is very nice.

Thanks for your help.

Stacy's Answer:

Hi Suze. Thanks for your question and for the nice comment about my ficus leaf cuff. While I do put a protective coating such as Permalac™ on my earring dangles or other parts of the exposed copper, I do not put a coating on the part of the wire that goes through the earlobe. For those who have metal allergies there are special products designed for coating wire. I recommend a product called Jewelry Shield™ from Euro Tool.

I wear copper earwires and have sold lots of copper earwires and have tons of students who wear copper earwires, all without a problem. If someone can wear 14 karat gold or Sterling silver ear wires, both of which are alloyed with copper, chances are pure copper won't bother them.

An interesting personal note: copper has occasionally turned my skin green, but never in my ears.

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