Aging/oxidizing silver platters

by Suz
(Cape Coral, FL)

Without being able to dip large silver (plate) platters and serving pieces, what would be the best way to us LOS to oxidize them and make them appear vintage? I buy them cheaply at flea markets and garage sales and want to use them as display pieces on my wall, but some of them are too shiny for my taste. Appreciate your help!

Stacy's Answer:

Hi Suz!

It would require seriously large vats of a LOS solution to submerge your pieces in. However, who says they must be dipped?

Put on gloves.

Mix up a hot solution of LOS, perhaps a cup or so.

Heat the platter(s) or large utensils by running hot water on it. I recommend doing this over a sink.

Dip cotton balls or a paper towel into the LOS and wipe onto the platter. For smaller items, you can use a Q-tip.

Repeat until the desired patina is achieved.

Rinse with clean water and then use a soft scrubbie pad to remove the excess patina. Follow up by then buffing with a jewelry polishing cloth. Scrubbie pads (3M brand grey or white ones.......NOT the green or burgundy ones as they're too abrasive!) will remove a high-polish finish and leave a soft satin finish.

I'm not sure what look you are wanting with the patina. Before applying the LOS, know that when used hot on hot Sterling silver metal, it will turn the silver very dark! A cooler solution turns silver yellow and continued application then produces a rainbow-like effect. Re-polishing the silver back to a high gloss finish is labor intensive.

As to the LOS, you may want to test a small area or item first and perfect the technique and look you desire before using the LOS on multiple items. Have fun experimenting!

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