The hodgepodgerie Story

Stacy Perry - hodgepodgerie

Hi. My name is Stacy and hodgepodgerie is the latest chapter in a story that began in California many years ago. As a child I was always captivated by pretty rocks and it seemed evident even then that I would eventually be employed in the jewelry world. After a stint at brokering gemstones between the mines and wholesalers, my fascination with the industry led me to become a gemologist.

Eventually, my career took me to the retail side of the business where I managed several high-volume independent jewelry stores and offered custom jewelry design services. It was in that environment where I first found the opportunity to use my natural artistic abilities to create special and unique pieces for my clients.

Several years ago, breast cancer—which is, thankfully, now in complete remission—hastened my retirement from the daily grind of the retail world. My creative muse, however, kept tugging at me. Soooo...after considerable encouragement from my wonderful husband Tom—who always wondered why I never did this much sooner—I decided it was the perfect opportunity to start designing my own beautiful, handcrafted jewelry as an outlet through which to express my artistic side. Thus began the hodgepodgerie story.

Why the name hodgepodgerie, you ask? jewelry tends to be a bit eclectic (probably has a lot to do with my California upbringing). The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines eclectic as "composed of elements drawn from various sources." And, in the French language the suffix -rie refers to a business or profession (ie...boulângerie, patisserie, crèmerie). So I have a business in which I create jewelry using elements from various sources—a sort of hodgepodgerie, if you will. Now aren't you glad you asked?

Don't let the silly name fool you, though. Every hodgepodgerie piece is fully handcrafted by me, using only the finest quality materials available. I work with beautiful lampwork created by talented independent glass artisans. You'll see the attention to detail in the use of pure copper and Sterling silver and a variety of gemstones. I carefully select every component, often adding my own hand-forged design elements. And, finally, I bring them all together in unique and creative—some would say artsy—designs.

It's impossible to capture the full beauty of these accessories in low resolution web pics. Be assured, though, that my goal is always to create ornaments that you'll love wearing yourself or be proud to give as gifts. Know that when you purchase a hodgepodgerie design you're buying much more than a simple piece of jewelry—you're investing in beautiful wearable art!


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