The Wiredoodle
Copper Bracelet

I love freeform wirework!! In this fun and unique bracelet, the wire meanders around your wrist in a series of twists and turns. Coils of pure copper wire looping around the hammered links create an interesting visual treat!

This bracelet is created completely from solid copper wire. Besides its natural beauty, copper is said to have thereapeutic properties and many people who suffer from arthritis and rheumatism swear that wearing pure copper jewelry helps to provide relief from joint pain.

As shown, this funky wearable art bracelet fits a 6-3/4" wrist comfortably, but can be adjusted for your wrist size.

Available for purchase in my handcrafted jewelry store.

Wiredoodle Copper Bracelet Wiredoodle Copper Bracelet Wiredoodle Copper Bracelet