Tip for cutting sheet metal

by Deb Mae
(Dearborn Heights MI)

Old fashioned paper cutter

Old fashioned paper cutter

Hi Stacy,

Just wanted to give a tip. I aquired an old fashioned industrial paper cutter like they used in office & schools, one with the wooden base and strong metal handle. It is awesome to cut metal sheet up to 20 gauge, 22-26 being very easy, 20 needs some strength. You can pick them up on eBay pretty cheap. It certainly has helped cutting all my brass, bronze and copper sheets.

Stacy's Answer:

Hi Deb Mae. I apologize for the long delay. Seems I mismarked several submissions as completed and just discovered my mistake.

For clean cuts vs. using metal shears, I can see where a good solid paper-cutter can be a big time-saver. I would think one would want to pick up a fairly heavy duty cutter such as the old wooden base one you describe.

Great tip!

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Apr 17, 2014
by: Mr. Metal Cutting

Hearty thanks for words of advice. Will surely share this blog with our readers at http://www.bipico.com

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