Stainless steel shot

Hi Stacy!
I just discovered your blog and have been reading EVERYTHING for hours! I love it, it's very informative and you are very creative....your pieces are beautiful!
I just purchased a tumbler and was looking for stainless steel shot on Ebay. A person selling some stainless steel shot said, "As with all stainless steel, this is NOT for use with silver."
Is he wrong? Can you explain?

Thanks so much for this wonderful learning tool.

Stacy's Answer:

I think you know the answer to that yourself Sue. Your Ebay seller is wrong. It sounds like the seller is uninformed and does not use or know the product himself. Perhaps he meant plated silver as the tumbling process will sometimes remove plating.

I would hesitate to do business with someone that obviously does not know their products and makes false statements like that. Makes me question what exactly it is that he's selling! It is possible that what he's offering is steel shot and not stainless steel shot. Perhaps he doesn't know the difference? Steel shot is cheap, but it rusts when wet. A no-go for tumbling your jewelry items.

Thanks for the kudos! My new website is under construction and it will have more of an educational focus. I hope to have it launched this Summer. Please keep stopping by!

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