Right Gauge

by Clare Buckle

I have not made anything in Silver for a few years now apart from rings and I want to make an open silver bangle for myself with an imperial jasper at one end. For the life of me I can't think what gauge I would need for the bangle. I am assuming about 12 - 14 but have no idea what to expect from these gauges.

Stacy's Answer: Hi Clare. I'm assuming you're speaking of a wire bangle with a bezel-set jasper soldered at the top of one end.

For durability, because you'll be slipping the bangle on and off your wrist, I feel the 12 gauge would be better, in either round, square or flat stock. You may find 14 gauge wire too easy to bend out of shape.

You could even use half-round wire but, if so, I'd recommend something heavier such as 8 or even 6 gauge.

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