quartz tumbling?

by Wrenn Zee
(Raleigh, N.C)

What's the best method on a rotary tumbler to polish quartz (rough) from grit/ two polishing. I used ceramic media all the way through and all it did was beat the heck out of my quartz crystals. But on the the hand my dual tumbler that had lapis lazuli and chysopracy and blu aventurine did great also had labodorite too. I didn't get any amazing polish but the pieces were so smooth. ...???

Please help me. I have a tumbler filled 2/3rd w/quartz, and my other has the other stones waiting to polish what's next??? Cerium oxide?

Stacy's Answer:

Hi Wrenn!

Hmmmm....I can't imagine that ceramic media would be kind to stones. But I'm not a lapidary person, I just love rocks and use them in my jewelry designs. Here's a site that may have answers to your questions about tumble-polishing those rocks to a smooth, glossy polish finish. The site is called Geology.com under the category: Rock tumbler supplies - what you'll need.


They would be better able to answer your questions about how the different gem materials react in the different mediums and what's best for each. Hope they can provide the answers to your questions!

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May 19, 2014
regarding tumbling
by: Wrenn

Stacy thanks! I'm willing to try anything. I too make jewelry but the difference is I tumble all my "pretties" be4 I turn them into jewelry. It's all A-Z IN MY HOUSE ;-) THE SITE you sent is informative. . So thank you!

May 23, 2014
by: Fourseven

As a newbie entering the jewelry space, this blog is enlightening. Keep the wisdom coming!

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