Primordial Brew
Coprolite Sterling Silver Necklace

Primordial Brew - a force of nature to be sure, at least it was when the dinosaur deposited it to fertilize the ground a millenia ago and later to be fossilized into this stunning Coprolite cabochon! Interesting process - that! I've seen lots of Coprolite dino doo cabs, but the intensely colored striations and patterning of this one all in a background of grey tones really catches the eye.

I've enhanced the vivid oranges, yellows and reds of the coprolite with the flashy accents of round brilliant cut genuine garnets in deep red and orange along with a couple of genuine citrine gemstones all tube-set in Sterling silver. Little sprinkles of silver granules help create visual appeal while the eye dances around the focal stone. For a touch of whimsy - lest you forget what you're wearing - a tiny brontosaurus dinosaur has been pierced and hand-sawn from the back of the pendant. Can't say for sure if this species of dino created the future fossil, but it's fun to think so!

The nitty-gritty.... Made from Sterling silver with a fine silver bezel around the cab, this is not a lightweight pendant! I cut and textured heavy 16 gauge metal to use as a border around the pendant. It measures 2-3/4 inches from top to bottom, not including the toggle part and 1-3/8 inches at it's widest. The border is 5mm (just shy of 1/4 inch) tall. This all hangs from a 24" Sterling silver link chain. Substantial but comfortable.

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Primordial Brew Necklace
Primordial Brew Necklace Primordial Brew Necklace Primordial Brew Necklace Primordial Brew Necklace