Polishing Hematite

by Pearl

I have a ring from my Mom that is faceted hematite 10kt gold. The stone is in excellent shape although it looks like there is a film on it that can be seen at side angles, it's not bad, but it is there. How do I polish or buff this out? I have been thinking of getting my own tumbler, but am totally green about all of this. Any advice or suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks.

Stacy's Answer:

Hi Pearl!

Sometimes not being able to see and touch things is a real hindrance! So, in this case, determining the actual problem/solution is impossible for me to tell. I would suggest taking your ring to a local fine jewelry store and asking them about the best way to restore your ring.

It is possible that the stone has a cleanable film on it or it may need professional polishing. They can clean up the gold too if necessary. Hematite is an inexpensive stone, and replacing it is another and possibly the best option, unless sentimental reasons prevent you from choosing that way to go.

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