Pandora charms, glass and silver

Can I tumble Pandora glass bead and silver charms safely.

Stacy's Answer:

I've seen a lot of "Pandora" and "Pandora-style" charms and bracelets. Some are made from precious metals like Sterling silver while others are made from base metals and plated metals. I have no idea if the cored glass "lampwork" beads have been annealed or not. If not, they can break while being tumbled. Solid Sterling charms with no embellishments are OK in a tumbler. However, if the charms are plated or have enameled or glued-on parts, they cannot be safely tumbled. You can tumble the bracelet part by itself if it's Sterling silver, but otherwise I recommend hand-polishing all charms with a gentle jewelry polishing cloth for best - and safest results.

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