Natural Art
Coyamito Agate Necklace

A stunning Coyamito Agate cabochon is the focal for this one-of-a-kind artisan pendant. The agate is semi-translucent whites and grey with lovely amber and dark rust banding. I've hand pierced and sawed the back of the pendant in a pattern echoing the agates so when held up to the light, the stones unique banding is highlighted. Gem quality citrine cabs around the pendant create more visual pop!

Totally hand-fabricated from Sterling silver, this pendant started out as simple sheet and wire. The body of the pendant is 1-3/4 inches across and 1-1/2 inches tall. Add to that the little silver swirl on top which is 1-1/8 inches and add another 1/2 inch to the pendants height.

The bail on the back of the pendant allows it to be worn as a slide as shown or you may suspend it from a chain. The pendant comes with the hand-wrought Sterling silver necklace as shown, but I'll be happy to put it on a nice chain for you if you prefer....just drop me a note at check-out.

The necklace is lightly textured and the entire piece was oxidized and given a brushed finish.

Sorry, but this necklace is SOLD.

Natural Art Necklace
Natural Art Necklace Natural Art Necklace Natural Art Necklace Natural Art Necklace