My First Wire and Lampwork Bead Creation

by Laurie Bowers
(Venice, FL)

Green with Envy by OneRedBead

Green with Envy by OneRedBead

I just got my first shipment from Rio Grande. I wanted you to see my first creation! It is not as "exotic" or unique as your necklaces but it was my first attempt at creating a design of my own.

I made "Green with Envy" with green, black and cream lampwork glass beads made on my hot-head torch. It can be worn with the large 1/2" pear-shaped bead dangling from the clasp at the back of the neck or with the clasp in the front so that the pear-shaped bead hangs as a pendant.

I can't wait to take another class. I am having so much fun!!!

I'm so addicted!!!!
Laurie Bowers

Stacy's Answer:

Laurie, that's awesome!!!!!! Great job!!! I loved seeing it in person last weekend as photos rarely do a person's jewelry justice. It's fun for me as a teacher to see students take the 'basics' they've learned and let their creative muse have some fun and create some beautiful pieces that express their own unique styles. Please send me some more pictures so I can get them up in my Student Gallery!

Can't wait to see what you make next! Thanks for sharing!!!!!
Stacy :)

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