Lost Forest
Hell's Canyon Petrified Wood, Citrine and Sterling Silver Artisan Necklace

Rare Sequoia petrified wood from North America is the focal of this simply charming pendent necklace. I wonder what prehistoric creatures lived in the branches of this tree or snoozed in the shade it provided? Millions of years ago the wood was 'exchanged' for rock as part of a slow crystallization process. Only trees that were quickly covered with a layer of fine-grained sedimentary rock soon after dying could undergo the process of petrification. Petrified wood - from the Greek root petro meaning "rock" or "stone"; literally "wood turned into stone". How cool is that?

The Hell's Canyon petrified wood is gorgeous and rare with small dry rot holes filled with chalcedony, opal or tiny crystal druzy. On the back of the pendant I've pierced and sawed a bird nestled among the branches of an ancient tree. A 6mm (1/4 inch) brilliant cut natural citrine dangles freely from the bottom of the pendant.

The nitty-gritty...

Totally hand-fabricated from Sterling silver, this pendant started out as simple sheet and wire. The body of the pendant is 1-3/8 inches long from the top of the bail plus the gemstone dangle which adds another 1/2 inch giving the piece an over all length of 1-7/8 inches and is 7/8 inches wide. I've suspended the pendant from delicate Sterling silver curb chain which I've doubled with my own handmade clasp. The neckace is 20 inches long and has been oxidized.

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Lost Forest Necklace Lost Forest Necklace Lost Forest Necklace Lost Forest Necklace