Gauge for cuffs

by Kathie Hall
(Bunbury, WA)

Hi Stacy, I am currently in Australia for the next year, so can't take any classes with you. I really miss them. Anyway, I would like to try making a cuff as I brought my tools with me. Have no idea what gauge sheets of copper to order. Also, does Rio Grande send to down under?

Kathie Hall

Stacy's Answer:

WOW Kathie! Australia! How fun!!! I have no idea where Rio'll have to email them and ask. I do know that the shipping fees and duties can get very high.

As to the gauges used for cuffs, I prefer 22 gauge (lightest and great for feathers, leaves, etc.) 20 gauge and 18 gauge. Lighter than 22 gauge and the edges can be difficult to get a nice smooth edge on copper and they can be a bit flimsy. IMO! I find myself using mostly 20 gauge and 18 gauge.

Remember to anneal, anneal, anneal! Email me if you have any questions!

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