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Feather Cuff Bracelet

Feather Cuff

I really enjoy making cuffs and having fun with a metalworking technique known as fold-forming. Some of the shapes I've been making reminded me of feathers. So I decided to add the appropriate "feathery" details to create this stylish bangle.

It's a bold yet graceful statement piece and "light as a feather." Well...maybe not, but the bracelet is comfortable to wear and surprisingly lightweight.

I've given the cuff a warm rich patina, but it's uncoated for those who like to wear copper for its acclaimed therapeutic value. However, if you would prefer a protective clear coat, let me know at the time of purchase and I'll be glad to add charge.

The cuff measures 31mm (1-5/8 inches) at its widest point. It'll fit most wrist sizes...just gently squeeze to fit.

Available for purchase in my handcrafted jewelry store.

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