▪ Egyptian Coil Bracelet Tutorial ▪

The classic and beautiful Egyptian Coil link. Originally crafted in pure gold, it was commonly used in belts and other jewelry accessories and worn by Egyptian royalty. Now, some 3000 years later it is still very popular in jewelry today

This clearly written easy-to-follow step-by-step guide enables even the novice jewelry artist to make Egyptian Coil links like a pro, and then create a beautiful bracelet with them. Complete with numerous large clear photos, this 8 page guide takes the guesswork out of this complicated looking yet simple to make link. This tutorial has been used by numerous students in my wire jewelry classes and online with consistent success!

Here's what one person said who had just tried it for the first time.

"Stacy, I finally got some time to try out the tutorial and I wanted to thank you for the great instructions. It was very easy to follow and the bracelet came out wonderfully!"

After payment, you'll receive your two-part tutorial via email in a downloadable and printable PDF file. I know you'll really enjoy this fun Egyptian Coil Bracelet tutorial.

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