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I'm baaaaaack!

Hello All! It's been awhile since I last posted. Some Weekly Wire, huh?....More like monthly. :)
I'm so excited for my daughter. Her cast is off, she's walking (sort of) and driving. Hoorah!  She's better able to do things for herself now and that means I'm getting back on track. I know quite a few of you have been awaiting the addition of tutorials and I want to thank you for your patience. Expect to start seeing them within the next week or so.
I'm busy teaching classes and I'll soon be adding a student gallery to show off all the beautiful things that my students from the classes and tutorials have been making.
At Dunedin Fine Art Center, we're having the annual Summa + Magna show which features works of art from many mediums. I'm excited to see the work of several of my students proudly displayed in the gallery!
And lastly, I'm going to be adding fabulous Mykonos ceramic beads to my eBay and Etsy stores. If you're not familiar with Mykonos, they make awesome beads and I'll be initially carrying their metalized and raku beads. The metalized beads are finished with 24 Karat Gold, Fine Silver, Pure Copper and various patinas. The raku beads are finished by high temperature firing of special volcanic clays with oxides and glazes. You'll love 'em!
Enjoy the rest of your week and, for all you wire enthusiasts, happy wiring!

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