A Moment of Time
Fossilized Ammonite, Citrine and Sterling Silver Pendant

I found some lovely whole ammonite fossils with wonderful maple leaf-like patterning in rich amber maple syrup hues, but they were too large and heavy to make into jewelry. (and they SO wanted to be!) So I sent them to one of my favorite cabbers to see what sort of magic Greg could work with them. This is one of the cabochons he cut for me. Thanks to his talented efforts, this little piece of history can now be worn and enjoyed as jewelry!

I pierced and sawed with my jeweler's hand-saw, a matching ammonite from Sterling silver - a reminder of what the cabochon once was. A bezel-set brilliant cut 6mm citrine gemstone sparkles at the base of the pendant matching some of the warm, rich honey and amber hues of the fossil. Invisible from the top, a small natural inclusion was left on the edge of the ammonite cab which looks like a small stylized bird when viewed from the side. You can see it in photo 3. This all comes together to create this primitive piece of wearable art!

The pendant was fabricated entirely of Sterling silver and give a deep patina to highlight the piercing. There is a 5mm piece of tubing on the back of this pendant, so that you may thread your favorite chain or neck wire through though the 4mm hole. The hidden bail allows you to wear this piece as a slide or dangling pendant. If you don't have a chain, I can provide a chain for you at an additional cost. Please add a note for me at checkout.

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A Moment of Time Necklace
A Moment of Time Necklace A Moment of Time Necklace A Moment of Time Necklace A Moment of Time Necklace